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As the owner or manager of a care setting or agency, you’ll know how tight your profit margins often are. You’ll face large overheads at the best of times, but during and in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, these pressures are much higher. The cost of just deep-cleaning a care home twice a month, as recommended by the UK government to combat coronavirus, could cost up to £10,000.

Of course, you’ll take all the additional measures you can to keep your clients and residents safe, but you’ll also be looking at ways to reduce your monthly expenditure without compromising the standards of care that you deliver.

Your staff members are the backbone of your service
Your high standards are maintained by your staff members, all highly-trained, dedicated and motivated caregivers. One problem that many care settings face is high staff turnover, as well as finding the right people to start with.
You may well have found in recent years that advertising for care staff is an expensive, frustrating and often fruitless exercise. You can feel as if you’re scattering your job vacancies to the four winds and also paying handsomely for their journeys! While lots of publications and websites play an important role in job searches and also for employers looking to fill roles, the care sector is one that needs specialist advertising.
Your vacancies need to get to the right people
Advertising far and wide across lots of different platforms doesn’t work too well when you’re looking for specialist staff. You need to target your job vacancies so that they’re in the right channels from the start. By reaching out to only the best, most qualified and appropriate candidates, you’ll save money, effort and time.
You can target the best candidates for free
What’s even better for you is that by posting a job vacancy with us here at Bristol Care Jobs, you’ll have access to a pool of talented, skilled and experienced carers – for free! It’s not just a case of saving some money on advertising, you could have the very best candidates delivered straight to you with no outlay at all.
Bristol Care Jobs has 40 years of collective experience within the care sector and so whether you’re looking for new staff or a new job, you can be sure that by coming to us, you’re among the right people.

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